International oil companies announce readiness to restart oil exports via Iraq-Turkey pipeline

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — The Association of the Petroleum Industry in Kurdistan (APIKUR), in a statement released on Tuesday, reaffirmed that its shareholder companies are prepared to resume oil exports via the Iraqi-Turkey pipeline, adhering to the established working conditions and regulations.

The member companies expressed hope in a statement that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit earlier this week to Iraq would pave the way for a mutually beneficial resolution among the governments of Turkey, Iraq, the Kurdistan Region, and international oil companies. Their goal is to restore exports through the Iraq-Turkey pipeline (ITP).

“APIKUR member companies are ready to resume exports pending agreement to current fiscal terms and surety of past and future payments with the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government,” reads the statement.

APIKUR also asserts that over the past week, leaders from Iraq, Turkey, the Kurdistan Region, and the United States have emphasized the significance of reopening the ITP export route, which had been halted for over a year.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region released a statement accusing Iraq’s Ministry of Oil of attempting to blame the Kurdistan Region for the failure to resume oil exports.

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