Explosion at pro-Iran military base in Iraq results in fatality

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — At least one person has been killed in the massive explosions that rocked the military base of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Babylon province, south of Baghdad. Several others were also injured in the explosion, according to a senior Iraqi official speaking to AFP.

While the exact cause of the explosion remains unknown, PMF officials have informed the Iraqi media that their base was targeted by rocket strikes from jets, rather than drone attacks.

The incident occurred at the PMF’s Kalso military base in the Babylon province, located 50 kilometers south of Baghdad. According to AFP, one person was killed, and eight others were injured.

After the attack, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) stated that it had not conducted any attacks in Iraq, thereby refuting claims that the US was responsible for the assault.

Also, Israeli officials informed CNN that they are not implicated in the attack. This statement follows a day after Israel conducted airstrikes on Iran, resulting in visible explosions in the skies over Isfahan and Tabriz as the strikes were intercepted by the country’s defense system.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell has confirmed in a statement the death of one member of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and the injury of eight others.

The statement asserts that no drones or jets have been detected in the airspace of the area.

“The Air Defense Command report has conclusively established, through meticulous technical analysis and radar surveillance, the absence of any drone or fighter aircraft in Babylon’s airspace both prior to and at the time of the explosion.”

A specialized technical committee, including civil defense personnel and relevant stakeholders, has been convened to investigate the explosion and fires at the accident site and nearby areas, adds the statement.

Last updated at 10:45 AM, local time. 

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