22-year-old Iranian blogger in danger of execution

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — Bita Haqani is a 22-year-old blogger in Iran. The IRGC’s Intelligence Organization arrested her on October 18, and charged her with promoting “corruption on earth,” an offense that could lead to her execution.

Human rights activist and US-based journalist Masih Alinejad, says Bita Haqani’s family is worried about the death penalty being applied to their daughter.

Haqani was arrested by Iranian security forces in Mazandaran province in northern Iran earlier this month. Currently, she is being held in solitary confinement for 21 days in the province’s Qaimshahr prison.

As of yet, Haqani has not been brought to trial but she has been accused of “promoting corruption on earth,” which carries the death penalty under Iranian law.

Iran Human Rights organization reports that since the start of nationwide protests, Iranian security forces have killed 470 people. Among them, 32 are women, 63 are children.

As of now, two anti-government protesters have been executed by the Iranian regime since September, and 43 others are in danger of being executed.


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