Anti-government Iran protests enter resurging phase

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Videos posted on social media every day indicate that Iranian authorities intend to disperse protests using force and violence. However, this has always resulted in the opposite outcome.

Live ammunition and violence have always been the catalysts for protests instead of quelling them.

The burial services of protesters who have been killed by the security forces are often attended by large numbers of people.

Videos provide evidence of burials becoming a new rallying point for protests and demonstrations. The city of Javanrud is the latest example of recent protests.


The slogans of the victims’ relatives became the essence of the protests’ resurgence and growth.

“I am fortunate that he gave his life for nothing but land and freedom,” said the father of a protester who was killed by Iranian security forces last month.

Following the death of Zhina (Mahsa) Amini, protests have erupted across Iranian cities and Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) in the last two months. In the wake of the funeral, protesters’ slogans will grow louder, while security forces’ responses will evolve violently.

Recent figures show that Iranian protests have entered a resurging phase. Over the past week, more than 45 protesters have been killed in Rojhelat.

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