Cancer cases rising among children: Hiwa Hospital reports concerning statistics

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — According to data released by Hiwa Hospital, there has been a concerning increase in cancer cases among children. The hospital’s statistics reveal that 2,669 children have sought medical assistance in the first five months of this year alone. Out of this number, 112 children have been diagnosed with cancer, while an additional 225 have been diagnosed with various other blood diseases.

Blood cancer, encompassing leukemia and lymphoma, has emerged as a significant concern, with leukemia being the most prevalent form of cancer among children, constituting 25% of all cases, according to Dr. Zardasht Bakir, a pediatric oncologist at Hiwa Hospital. Brain cancer follows closely behind, representing 20% of pediatric cancer diagnoses.

Dr. Bakir emphasizes the importance of early detection and prompt medical attention. Parents are urged to be vigilant and seek medical help if they notice any unusual symptoms in their children, such as tumors or signs of weakness, fatigue, bone pains, bleeding, or anemia.

Lara, a seventh-grade student, is currently undergoing treatment at Hiwa Hospital. Lara’s battle with cancer has kept her away from school for over a year, but despite the challenges, she remains hopeful about her recovery and return to her studies.

In Kurdish, “Hiwa” translates to “hope.” The hospital saw a similar trend last year, with 2,863 children admitted to the hospital, out of which 67 were diagnosed with cancer.

These statistics underscore the urgent need for increased awareness, early detection, and improved access to pediatric cancer care.

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