KRG Ministry of Natural Resources blocks unauthorized sale of Khor Mor gas

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Natural Resources announced on Wednesday that gas from the Khor Mor field must not be sold without the KRG’s approval, according to a statement from the ministry.

The statement affirms that gas production from the Khor Mor field is assigned to the Region’s electricity sector through a contract with Pearl Petroleum, a consortium consisting of two prominent independent Middle Eastern oil and gas companies, Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum.

“Accordingly, no gas produced should be sold to any party without the consent of the Kurdistan Regional Government,” it added.

The ministry’s statement comes in the wake of the Iraqi Council of Ministers meeting on Tuesday. During this meeting, it approved the purchase of gas from the Khor Mor field to supply energy to Iraq’s Kirkuk gas power plant.

The ongoing negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad are not a recent development. Both sides have long been awaiting the enactment of an oil and gas law.

The Khor Mor gas field serves as the primary source of power generation for the Kurdistan Region.

Last month, it fell victim to a drone attack, claiming the lives of four Yemeni workers and injuring eight others who were on duty. The attack caused considerable damage upon the field, resulting in widespread power outages across the Region for nearly a week.

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