KRG reports over 1,000 fire and drowning incidents so far this year, resulting in 62 deaths

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Department of Media and Information has declared that more than 1,000 fire and drowning incidents have been documented across the Kurdistan Region so far this year, claiming the lives of 62 individuals.

Sarkawt Karash, the KRG’s Civil Defense Media Director, stated that from the beginning of the year until May 15th, over 1,200 incidents have been recorded, with 62 fatalities.

Breaking down the figures, Erbil province tops the list with 709 incidents, followed by Sulaimani with 414 incidents, and Duhok and Halabja provinces with 115 and 21 incidents, respectively.

Sulaimani province bears the brunt of the casualties, with 33 lives lost due to these incidents. Erbil province follows with 17 reported deaths among its 708 incidents. Duhok witnessed 10 fatalities, while Halabja mourns one life lost to fire and drowning incidents.

The toll of these incidents extends beyond the loss of life, with substantial material damages reported. The KRG’s Media and Information department highlights a marked increase in fire-related damages compared to the previous year.

The surge in fire incidents is attributed to various factors, including inadequate safety standards, lapses in safety measures, and electrical faults. Meanwhile, the rise in drowning cases is linked to this year’s unusually heavy rainy season.

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