Spring downpours claim five lives in Kurdistan Region

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — Flash floods triggered by the torrential spring rains in the Kurdistan Region have claimed the lives of five individuals, with one casualty reported in Erbil’s Kore sub-district and four fatalities in Sulaiman’s Qaradagh district.

Recent fatalities occurred due to flash floods following heavy rainfall, with four hikers from Sulaimani province losing their lives while hiking in the mountainous area of Qaradgh on Friday. They were swept away by floodwaters from Awaspi stream, as confirmed by Qaradagh’s mayor, Kamal Raouf, to Zoom News.

“The bodies of the victims were subsequently retrieved from the water and transferred to the Sulaimani Medicolegal Institute for forensic examination,” added the mayor.

The four victims were part of the Sagrma Mountaineering Organization and were accompanied by a group of 8 hikers on this trip.

Following the incident, Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani extended his deepest condolences to the families of the victims. He also urged everyone to take precautionary measures during severe weather conditions.

Earlier this week, the meteorology department of the Kurdistan Region issued a warning regarding an upcoming wave of rainfall, which had the potential to cause damage.

On Wednesday, in the Kore sub-district of Erbil province, a pregnant woman was tragically killed, and three others were injured when flooding caused a cemetery wall to collapse on them, as reported by Erbil Civil Defense.

Due to recent heavy rainfall, the Darbandikhan Dam directorate warned residents today to stay away from the Sirwan River for safety reasons. They fear potential dangers after releasing water into the river due to the dam’s overflow.


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