Local NGO reports 22 worker fatalities on Kurdistan Region construction sites since start of year

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — May 1 Committee, a local NGO, reports that a total of 22 workers have lost their lives while working in the Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk since the beginning of this year.

The Committee has also announced the most recent incident, which occurred on Tuesday night, resulting in the loss of a worker’s life after he fell from a building under construction in Sulaimani.

It also reports that 10 workers in Erbil, nine in Sulaimani, two in Duhok, and one in Kirkuk have lost their lives.

Marking the International Labor Day, Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani extends his salute to all workers in Kurdistan, Iraq, and across the globe, as conveyed in a statement from the KRI presidency.

“I pay tribute to their hard work and dedication and extend my wishes for their well-being, prosperity, and success,” reads the statement.

President Barzani acknowledges the crucial role workers play in the country’s reconstruction efforts, recognizing their responsibilities. Additionally, he affirms ongoing support for their rightful demands and aspirations.

“In light of this commemoration, I urge trade unions and organizations to enhance their endeavors in safeguarding and advocating for the rights of workers,” said President Barzani.

He additionally expressed the need to endeavor towards enhancing their living conditions and ensuring their welfare.

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