Second major blaze engulfs Erbil’s main market in two months

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region -A fierce fire erupted in Erbil’s Langa bazar, the city’s main second-hand market, early Monday, marking the second blaze in less than two months. The inferno has caused significant damage to shop owners and businesses.

Lieutenant Colonel Karwan Mirawdali, spokesperson for the Erbil Civil Defense, informed reporters of a fire that occurred in two phases, initially contained but reignited larger after an hour, underscoring the challenges faced by firefighting teams.

He further mentioned that the fire was brought under control after two hours of relentless efforts by the firefighters.

The fire outbreak coincides with shop owners preparing to welcome numerous customers, as the market typically buzzes with activity ahead of Eid. With only days left until Eid al-Fitr, the timing couldn’t be worse.

Fires in the market are not uncommon occurrences. Just over 40 days ago, a major fire erupted in the market, resulting in significant damage to businesses. The first recorded fire in the market traces back to 2018, where hundreds of shops were burned down, prompting the government to undertake renovations in the market area.


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