Kurdistan Region’s Judicial Council criticizes Iraqi Federal Court’s rulings

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – The Judicial Council of Kurdistan Region has issued a strong condemnation of recent decisions made by the Iraqi Federal Court, accusing it of exceeding its legal mandate and interfering in the issues of the Region.

In a statement, the Council expressed concern over what it sees as the Federal Court’s overreach, stating that it has taken it upon itself to intervene in major and minor issues within Kurdistan. This criticism follows the Federal Court’s ruling deeming the 11 quota seats reserved for minorities in the Kurdistan Region’s parliament unconstitutional, and therefore, subject to removal.

In response to the ruling, political parties belonging to the Turkmen and Christian minorities have declared their intention to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for June 10. While acknowledging the binding nature of the Federal Court’s decisions, the Kurdistan Region’s Judicial Council has called for a review of the ruling.

In a further development, Kurdish judge Abdulrahman Suleiman announced his withdrawal from the Iraqi Federal Court. Judge Suleiman cited an inability to adequately protect Kurdish interests within the court, citing instances where decisions have allegedly violated its principles.

Despite Judge Suleiman’s withdrawal, the Federal Court stated that its proceedings will not be hindered, as three reserve judges are available to fill his position.


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