Kurdistan Region Presidency delegation meets senior US officials in Washington

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — A delegation from the Kurdistan Region Presidency, led by Fawzi Hariri, Chief of Staff of the KRI Presidency, met senior US officials in Washington to discuss key regional issues.

The delegation was welcomed by prominent figures including Amos J. Hochstein, Special Presidential Coordinator for Global Infrastructure and Energy Security, and Azra Zia, US Under Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Democracy and Human Rights and other US officials.

During their meeting, they engaged in talks covering energy, oil exports, Erbil-Baghdad relations, minority rights, refugee concerns, and the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Region, according to a statement from the KRI Presidency.

Specific topics included the Sinjar agreement, Peshmerga Ministry reforms, unification efforts, Middle East developments, and the Gaza conflict’s impact on the region.

The meeting highlighted shared interests and cooperation between the Kurdistan Region and the US, aiming to address regional challenges and promote peace and stability.

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