Iran expresses concerns over partial implementation of Iraq-Iran security pact

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani raised concerns on Monday about the partial implementation of the security agreement between Iran and Iraq. Kanaani noted that while some aspects of the agreement have been enacted, others remain unfinished.

Under the agreement, Iraq was tasked with addressing Iran’s concerns by disarming and relocating Kurdish opposition groups in the Kurdistan Region within a six-month timeframe. This deadline passed on September 19, and Kanaani pointed out that the full implementation has not been achieved.

An Iranian delegation conducted an investigation in Iraq to assess progress, Kanaani said, adding that Iraqi authorities cooperated effectively during this assessment, and the findings will be shared after the Iranian supervisory committee submits its report.

Both Iraqi authorities in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the agreement. They reported that many headquarters of the political parties have been evacuated, their members disarmed and moved deeper into Iraq, and some hideouts completely destroyed, with plans to eliminate the rest, Kanaani added.

Kanaani stressed that, in anticipation of full implementation of the security agreement, Iran and Iraq maintain open lines of communication and cooperation. He reiterated Iran’s dedication to securing its borders, emphasizing that the country’s commitment to this goal knows no boundaries.

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