Humanitarian crisis unfolds as displaced families seek refuge in northern Syria amidst ongoing conflict

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – In the wake of recent assaults by Syrian opposition groups and Turkish armed forces in the northern areas of Manbij, a dire humanitarian crisis is unfolding as approximately 400 families find themselves displaced and seeking refuge in temporary displacement camps and with relatives in surrounding villages.

The displaced individuals, who have been forced to flee their homes, have been enduring harsh conditions since last week. Their stories paint a grim picture of the ongoing violence and its devastating impact on innocent civilians.

Mohammed Ali, the Head of the Manbij Council, has issued a plea to influential nations, including the United States and Russia, along with the international coalition, urging them to prioritize their moral and humanitarian obligations above all else. Ali emphasized the urgent need for intervention and assistance to address the challenges faced by the people in northeastern Syria and to restore peace and stability to the region.

Interviewed by Jihad Nabo, Zoom News reporter in Syria, one displaced villager recounted their harrowing journey, stating, “We departed from our home with the children and the boys and arrived here. We didn’t bring any belongings with us. Upon our arrival, we gathered essential items from our neighbors, including sponges, racks, and other necessities, and established ourselves here. We are currently hungry and thirsty, with nothing to our name.”

Others shared similar stories of fleeing their homes amidst missile and bullet attacks, leaving them with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a desperate need for food and water. The displaced families have come together in cramped conditions, highlighting the extent of their suffering.

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