UAE Prime Minister offers support to grieving young Kurdish horse rider, Lanya

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – In a touching display of empathy, UAE Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid has reached out to console Lanya, a young Kurdish girl grieving the loss of her beloved horse. Last week, a video of her wailing over her horse’s dead body went viral, resonating with people beyond Kurdistan Region’s borders.

Lanya had been riding horses with her father in an Erbil village for three years before her cherished companion fell sick and passed away over a week ago. Devastated by the loss, she visits the horse’s grave with apples and sugar, expressing her enduring devotion.

Touched by Lanya’s story, Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid presented her with several horses as a tribute to her late companion. Additionally, he pledged full support in establishing an equestrian center, fulfilling Lanya’s dream of training young Kurdish riders.

Lanya’s passion and the Prime Minister’s support could inspire hope for a brighter future in the world of equestrian sports in the Region.

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