USCENTCOM reports elimination of 13 ISIS operatives in Iraq and Syria during April

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — The United States Central Command (CENTCOM), in collaboration with coalition and other partners, achieved significant progress in the fight against ISIS during the month of April 2023. A total of 35 D-ISIS operations were conducted, resulting in the elimination of 13 ISIS operatives and the detention of 28 others.

Breaking down the D-ISIS operations conducted in April 2023, the majority took place in Iraq. A total of 25 partnered operations were carried out in Iraq, with none being solely led by the United States. These operations proved highly effective, leading to the elimination of 9 ISIS operatives and the apprehension of 7 others.

In Syria, 10 partnered operations were conducted alongside 1 operation led solely by the United States. These efforts resulted in the neutralization of 4 ISIS operatives and the capture of 21 individuals affiliated with the group.

The statement adds the month of April witnessed a significant reduction in the number of ISIS attacks compared to previous years, particularly during the observance of Ramadan.

This decrease in attacks is believed to be attributed to the heightened operational activities by partner forces, demonstrating their increasing effectiveness in combating the extremist group.

In Iraq, CENTCOM troops continued their invaluable role of advising, assisting, and enabling the Iraqi Security Forces, including the Kurdish Peshmerga, who spearhead the collective fight against ISIS within the country.

Similarly, in Syria, CENTCOM relies heavily on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), their local partners, in the ongoing battle against ISIS. The SDF has played a vital role in securing and stabilizing regions previously under ISIS control.

“CENTCOM is committed to the enduring defeat of ISIS,” asserted Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla, the commander of CENTCOM.

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