SDF arrests two suspected ISIS members in Syria’s Hasaka province

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — In a joint operation with the international coalition forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have apprehended two suspected members of ISIS in the town of al-Hol, located in Syria’s Hasaka province.

According to a statement released by the SDF on Tuesday, the operation took place on May 1st and targeted a member of an ISIS cell who was responsible for supplying weapons to other active “terrorist” cells in the al-Hol camp. This enabled the cells to carry out killings and assassinations in the area.

The international coalition forces provided air surveillance during the operation, which led to the successful apprehension of the first suspect. He was also involved in smuggling other members of the cell out of the camp to different areas.

During the operation, the SDF also apprehended another suspect who was working with the detained cell member. “Technical equipment was found in the house where the suspects were staying and subsequently confiscated.”

The statement added that the SDF and international coalition forces are continuously working together to prevent ISIS cells from endangering the lives of peaceful civilians and destabilizing the security in the region. The successful operation in al-Hol is just one of many devastating blows dealt to ISIS cells in different areas of northeastern Syria.

The arrests of these two suspected ISIS members will undoubtedly help to prevent further violence and ensure the safety and security of the people in the region. The SDF and international coalition forces remain committed to continuing their efforts to root out terrorism and maintain stability in the area, the statement added.

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