Snowstorm in Erbil’s Balakayati area creates hardships for livestock farmers

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region  — A heavy snowfall has blanketed villages in the Balakayati area of Erbil, causing significant difficulties for local livestock farmers. The intense weather conditions have made it challenging for farmers to provide food and warmth to their animals.

The snow has covered pastures and made it difficult for farmers to gather enough food for their herds. In addition, the cold weather conditions has made it even more challenging to keep their animals warm.

Livestock is an essential source of livelihood for many families in the Balakayati area, and the current conditions are putting their income and the health of their animals at risk.

Despite these difficulties, farmers must still attend to the needs of their animals, ensuring they have enough food, water and shelter to survive the harsh winter conditions.

Photos: Anadolu Agency 


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