Iran carries out 55 executions in 26 days: Iran Human Rights

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — In the first 26 days of 2023, at least 55 people have been executed in Iran with 37 of those executions being carried out for drug-related charges. The trials were conducted by Revolutionary Courts, depriving the accused of their right to due process and fair trial, according to Iran Human Rights organization (IHRNGO).

According to a report by IHRNGO, urgent attention is needed as at least 107 protesters are facing the risk of execution or death penalty charges. These individuals are now facing the possibility of a death sentence for exercising their right to peaceful protest, highlighting the dire state of human rights in the country.

The report notes that all defendants have been deprived of the right to access their own lawyer, due process and fair trials.

All have been subjected to physical and mental torture to force false self-incriminating confessions.

“In cases where they have had managed to make contact or details of their cases reported by cellmates and human rights defenders, all have been subjected to physical and mental torture to force false self-incriminating confessions,” the report adds.

Also, IHRNGO highlights the disturbing reality that the use of the death penalty in Iran is meant to instill fear and terror in society.

The organization draws attention to the alarming number of executions for ordinary crimes and emphasizes that every execution carried out by the Islamic Republic is politically motivated.

The report adds that at least 488 people, including 64 children and 39 women, have been killed by security forces during the ongoing nationwide anti-government demonstrations.

Out of the 64 children killed, 10 were girls and under 18, with their ages yet to be officially confirmed. Iran Human Rights is attempting to verify their ages.

These figures only pertain to protest-related deaths and do not include those executed, or those who died under doubtful circumstances such as suspected suicides after release.

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